The man craves for God

Being the image of God, the man craves for God and rushes longingly to raise himself towards Him.

By prayer and chanting of psalms, the man is filled of delight. His spirit rejoices and his heart leaps up.

The more he prays, the more his soul is emptied of the worldly desires and is filled with the heavenly goods.

The more he estranges himself of the earthly pleasures of life, the more he delights in the heavenly bliss.

Your attempt and experience confirm this truth.

God loves those prayers which are addressed to Him in the appropriate form meaning with the feeling of our own helplessness and unworthiness.

In order to keep such a feeling it is necessary to give up on all the evil from inside ourselves and obey God`s commandments, it is needed humbleness and ceaseless spiritual exercise.

Saint Nektarios of Egina

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