The first miracle accomplished by the New Martyr Philoumenos at Jacob’s Well in Samaria

We consider the first miracle performed by the Martyr of Christ to be this: Father Philoumenos’ brother, Father Elpidios, lived in the Holy Mountain at the New Skete since 1976. When their sister by blood, Alexandra, and her children learned about the terrifying death of their beloved brother and uncle in Athens, they managed to speak to Father Elpidios over the phone. However, before they could inform him of the tragic event, he said to them, “I know everything. My brother spoke to me, saying, ‘Brother, they are killing me, they are killing me! But do not be revolted, for I am dying for Christ!'”

Indeed, this is not a common occurrence that can go unnoticed. In the world, many crimes take place, and the relatives of the victims are usually notified through ordinary means, not immediately, but after a certain amount of time, shorter or longer. This kind of immediate announcement of the terrifying moment, through hearing the voice of the deceased at such a distance, brings us into the realm of faith and miracles. It is an undeniable proof of God’s work and the fact that this man, who at the hour of divine service left the place of worship at the Holy Sites, being transferred to the eternal, is a blessed soul entirely devoted to Christ. 

Therefore, the miracle that occurred with Father Philoumenos bore witness from the very beginning, immediately after he was killed, that God accepted his sacrifice and wanted to show the world that He recognizes him as His own. For the sake of his bloodshed in the name of Christ, the Martyr found boldness before the Lord. 

Source: The New Canonized Martyr Philoumenos, who was killed at Jacob’s Well on November 29, and whose body remained incorruptible, Egumenita Publishing House via

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