The falcon of saint martyr Triphon

In Russia, Saint Triphon is considered the patron saint of birds because as they say once the tsar Ivan the Terrible went hunting and the caretaker of his falcon lost by lack of attention the favourite bird of the tsar.The tsar told this caretaker,called Triphon Patrikeev to find the falcon in three days otherwise he was sentenced to death.

Poor Triphon searched for the bird in all the forest but it was in vain. On the third day exhausted returning to Moscow, he stopped in the grove of Marinaia.Kneeling down to rest he prayed to Saint Martyr Triphon, his patron saint calling him to his rescue. In his dream he saw a young man on a white horse who was holding on his arm the falcon of the tsar. This man told him:`Take the lost bird and go with it to the tsar and related to him what a miraculous help he had received from Saint Martyr Triphon.

As a sign of his gratitude for saving his life, Triphon Patrikeev built a chapel in the plavce where the saint appeared to him. Later he built even a church with Saint Triphon as a patron saint

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