The coat of mercifulness

A merciful man was walking on the way and he saw a poor man who was dead and naked. He took off a coat from himself and covered the dead with it out of his mercy.

After some time a misfortune occurred to him : he fell down from his horse and broke his leg badly.

The doctors declared all at unison they had to cut it otherwise he would have died and they promised to come back the next day to heal him in this terrible way and left him.

The man got upset. He could not sleep and cried without cease.

In the middle of the night a stranger showed up and asked him:

`Why are you crying?`

`How not to cry, sir? The doctors want to cut my leg.`

`Show it to me.`asked the man who appeared to him.

After looking at it, told him:

`Now stand up and walk.`

`I can`t as it is broken.`

`Try, the stranger insisted. Lean on me!`

The sick man listened and he started walking with difficulty

`You`re still limping, the stranger noticed and as if rubbing the sick leg with something told him: Now go to sleep.`

`Are you already leaving me?`the man cried.

`What else do you need ? You are healthy by now, the man said.

For the name of God Who sent you to me tell me `who are you?` asked the stranger the man who had been miraculously healed.

`Look at me and tell me is this not your coat?`

`Yes, it is true, sir, it is mine, the man confirmed.

`I am the man you saw dead and naked and you covered with your coat. For your good deed God sent me to heal you. Thank God, he said and vanished.

The man felt completely recovered and gave glory to God and the doctors marveled at the miracle beyond imagination and human understanding.

Excerpt from The water of life – 300 short stories with a spiritual meaning Sophia Publishing.

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