The coat given to Christ

One day Peter the publican met such a poor man that he did not have any coat on him. Filling compassion for him Peter took off his beautiful and expensive coat and gave it to the poor.

The poor when he remained alone thought he could not wear such an expensive coat and decided to sell it.

After a few days Peter saw his coat which he had given to the poor hung for sale. He was very upset and said in his mind:

God did not receive my alms because the poor man did not keep the coat but sold it.

He walked all day very upset and this is how he fell asleep. During ight he had the following dream. A beautiful young man came to him dressed in the coat he had given to the poor. Peter being completely amazed asked him:

`Who are you and where do you have this coat from?`

The young man answered to him with a sweet voice:

`I`m Christ and you gave me this coat. Since anyone who gives something to a poor gives it to Me.`

Peter woke up very glad deciding to give even more alms from that moment on. He became so kind that he became a saint.

Excerpt from The Small Paterikon Retold and illustrated for children- father Savatie Baștovoi, published by Cathisma, 2008.

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