Open letter to the ecumenical patriarch from the Greek-orthodox communities from America.

An open catapult letter to the ecumenical patriarch was sent by the Greek-orthodox communities from America where they claim that the patriarch Bartholomew tempts the integrity of the Church and that his actions are against the Holy Canons

Here is the content of the letter:

Your Eminence,

We are unworthy and humble members of the Catholic Orthodox Church and you, your Eminence, are the ecumenical Patriarch. You are our spiritual father and we are spiritual sons of your Holiness. As it is not possible for the natural sons of a father to remain indifferent when they see that he is cheating their mother by having extramarital, illegal, relations with other women and that every night he comes back home drunk so it is for us and it is impossible for us to stay indifferent when we see your holiness, as our leader, having illegal and forbidden relations by the Church with all the kinds of heretic reunions, that you pray together with their unrepentant representatives – even with priestesses and bishopesses of the extreme protestant branches who bless marriages between homosexuals and publically support the global homosexual movement – that you despise the divine and Holy Apostolic Canons and the Canons of the Ecumenical Synods, that you threaten with the pan-orthodox abolishment for all the Canons that you consider as a stumbling rock for supporting these illegal relations and that, in general you behave like one who is flustered by the sweet and heavy wine of the high worthiness and hierarchic command you hold, overturning the Holy Canons and traditions, shifting and modifying “eternal boundaries established” by the God inspired Apostles and God bearers Fathers tempting the pious integrity of the Church beyond measure and causing enormous harm to its divine-human Body.

We hope that the rebuking tone of the present letter is not misinterpreted. The rebuke is absolutely necessary within the human society and especially in the Church. The word of God does not only allow the rebuke but it also imposes it (Leviticus 19, 17; Proverbs 9, 8; 10, 10; Ephesians 5, 11; I Timothy 5, 20; II Timothy 4, 2 and others) when it is done with love from pure and honest reasons without malice and temperament and having always the intend to correct the injustice and having as purpose the salvation of souls. God, as you already know, gave a human voice to a donkey to rebuke the prophet Varlaam for his behavior that was standing against the divine will. Our Lord Jesus Christ told to the Pharisees that if people were to keep silent and hide the truth, then “the stones would cry out”. We, you eminence, as faithful members of the Church have the conscience that we are above both the donkey of Varlaam and the breathless rocks and we have the right to speak out this rebuking word even if it is addressed to the ecumenical Patriarch.

We will not refer to your prayers together with the heterodox from Netherlands and Germany that represented, as far as we can see, a “general test” referring to the “mother of all prayers in common” followed by the one together with the pope in Jerusalem. In other words, as things stand, these prayers in common became like an uncured passion and only an action of God may release you from it. The “Pray without ceasing” of the Apostle was changed by your eminence with “Pray without ceasing together with the heretics and those with other religions”. And this you continuously do without let or hindrance. We cannot oversee the joint prayer of your eminence with the pope in Jerusalem, since this overcomes in audacity and challenge any other prayer in common and strongly shook the conscience of orthodox believers all around the world, stronger beyond compare than the earthquake that shook your birthplace one day before the meeting of your eminence with the pope.

In order to prove you the size of your indecent act you fell in, we would like to call you for comparing the act of your eminence with the act of a holy predecessor of your holiness who shined the patriarchal throne in Constantinople through his presence 1679 years ago. We refer to Saint Alexander who left us an eternal example of avoiding the churchly connections with the unrepentant heretics, an example that unfortunately is despised by our nowadays ecumenist and globalizing hierarchs. Let us remember what actually happened in the year 335 in Constantinople.

The heresiarch Arius after cheating the emperor and forswore he had the same Creed with the one of the Church, was wily and impudently ready to join the Orthodox Church and to ministry together with the orthodox people. The pressure and threatens Saint Alexander confronted with in order to accept the heresiarch within the churchly community were suffocating and unbearable. Yet he did not cease.

Saturday evening, in the eve of the day when Arius planned to join the orthodox church, the Patriarch Alexander being full of grief kneeled in front of the Holy Table and prayed God with tears: “If Arius joins tomorrow the Church, dismiss Thy servant and do not join together the pious with the non-believers; if you spare Thy Church (and I know You do) hear the words around Evsevie and do not dishonor and scatter Thy inheritance so that the wrong belief is considered to be the right one.” (Theodoret of Cyrus, The Ecclesiastical History).

The result is well known. The fervent and full of worries prayer of the Patriarch was heard by God and Arius the next day, being in an euphoric mood, suddenly felt an urgent physical need and therefore he needed to go to a toilet where he never came out alive due to an unstoppable bleeding of his bowels. Thus he was dismissed not only of his communion with orthodox but also of his life. In Your Fortress, your Eminence, happened all these miraculous and unheard of events, in a place nearby your Patriarchy. And though you are familiar with the ecclesiastical history, yet you do not learn anything from it. This requires a comparison between those from now and then.

In those days Arius was the heresiarch; today the heresiarch is the pope of Rome. Isn’t the pope heresiarch? Has Rome stopped being heretic so that your holiness and those who have the same opinion as you call it as “sister church?” Have their “Sacraments” become valid in a magical way as the protestant baptismal theology, that you accept, asserts the “catholic” baptism as valid? Could you prove us at least one from the more than 20 deceptions and heresies of papists that he recalled over the period of dialogues with them? You cannot because the West remains satanically stubborn in its heresies; it does not revoke them and does not repent for them. We will go on with the comparison. In those days the emperor and Arians forced the patriarch to receive Arius in the churchly community; today your eminence deliberately (!) were a partaker to the enthronement of the heresiarch pope whom you honor and call him to the historical meeting with your eminence at Jerusalem following the steps of your predecessors, Athenagoras and Paul IV that took place in a very pompous and with “lots of timbers”.

In those days the patriarch kneeled and prayed to God to better dismiss him from this life than be a partaker to the communion with Arius. Today, his successor happily prays together with the heresiarch in the Church of Holy Sepulchre, calling the bitterness as sweetness, the darkness as light and the transgressions of the churchly commandments and the godlessness as “source of spiritual joy”, “divine bless” and a bright “fruit of a evolution full of Grace.” In those days the holy patriarch prayed with tears to God to not allow Arius to enter the Orthodox Church because together with him the heresy would have entered as well. On the 25th of May, following your invitation, the pope did not enter an any orthodox church, not the Church of Saint George from Phanar but the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the Holy Sepulchre and together with him entered accompanied by the honors of Orthodox people, the pan-heresy (according to Saint Justin Popovici), the popery together with its disgusting sisters and daughters, the Filioque, the primacy, the papal infallibility, the conceptia immaculata of Theotokos, the azymes, the worthies of Saints, the purgatory and other wanderings and heresies. And this is not all! Your “chosen” escort comprised representatives of other heresies as well, like the monophysitism and other doctrines.

The custody that Pilatus sent protected outside the grave of buried Body of Christ. The pan-heretic custody of your eminence together with tremendous heresies has totally torn apart the divine-human Body and entered, following Your invitation, inside the Holy Sepulchre where unfortunately were present the fathers from the Holy Sepulchre whom of course, were thinking for how long, after this fall, the long-lasting patience of God would allow them to courageously step on those Holy Places.

Eventually, your Eminence, we borrow the word of the grateful criminal from the cross and ask you: Don’t you fear God? Don’t you learn from history? Don’t you have twinges of conscience when you think of the tragic and awkward death of Patriarch Josef in 1439 and his burial far from his flock in a foreign and hostile land of Florence, in the church of Dominican heretics? Doesn’t as well cause you twinges of conscience the tragic and awkward death of filo-papist metropolitan Nicodimus of Leningrad who was only 49 years old and who died on the 5th of September at the feet of the newly chosen pope John Paul I known as well as “the pope of the 33 days”? Doesn’t cause you twinges of conscience the death of metropolitan of Kerkyra, Timothy, happened on 15th of March 2002 few days after his return from Vatican? Eventually, doesn’t cause you twinges of conscience the tragic death of Archbishop of Athens, Hristodul, whom, after (first in history) the visit of pope in Greece and after organizing (for the first time) the meetings for the WCC (World Council of Churches) on Greek land and after (the first time for an archbishop of Athens) the trip to Vatican, without the approve of the Holy Synod, was prematurely called to leave this meaningless world and thus the Church of Greece went without its charismatic leader through all the others? Have you ever wondered yourself if those tragic deaths, that we aforementioned, were divine signs through which God disagreed the hierarchical wanders that stand against His will, “model for those who will commit to indecent acts”? Aren’t you afraid that God will ask your eminence a similar question with the one he address to Pharisees: “You are able to discern the destruction of the natural environment but you are not able to discern the destruction of the spiritual environment by the ecumenism you serve and promote?” A new record number of views was set by a video recording, uploaded a few days ago on internet where a Levite from Athens with white hair and very old who became old over the time he ministered The Holy Altar was crying like a small baby while thinking about the disasters that would come upon us due to the betrayers of Faith and the apostasy of the clergy and nation.

Your eminence, we seal the present letter with a filial and humble request: Abandon the deceiving path of ecumenism and turn back to the undeceiving path of Orthodoxy! An angel, similar to the one who closed the path of Valaam “who had raised the sword in his hand” will also close Your path. Don’t you see him? What are you waiting for in order to change your path? Should the marbles from Saint Sophia cry out with human voice and rebuke you? “It is not possible to serve two masters; it is not possible to serve the Orthodoxy and the pan-heresy of ecumenism as well.” The first one serves Christ and the second one to the antichrist and devil. Stop provoking God and tempt His nation. It should not even cross your mind to change or abolish the Holy Canons of the Holy Apostles and of ecumenical Synods because such type of blatant iniquities, even with “synodic” and “pan-orthodox” approval will not be received and respected by the conscience of the plenitude of Orthodox Church. This conscience that approves or rejects decisions, even those of ecumenical Synods, no matter how much you despise it and how weakened and stagnant might be, you should know that it vigils and it is always ready to stay against any “accomplished acts” that you will decide within the future Synod that will gather in 2016 and that will stay against the Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition and God’s will. We hope that you will not despise the cry of agony we send out from the far Canada.


The Greek-Orthodox missionary brotherhood “Saint Athanasios the Great”, Toronto,

The Greek-Canandian Orthodox missionary brotherhood, “Paul the Apostle”, Toronto,

The Greek-Canandian missionary brotherhood, “Orthodox Voice”, Montreal.

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