Nil The Athonite, the myrrh streamer (+1651) Prophetic and salvatory words

The men who will live in the 8th millennium  (7500 from the Creation of the world), will live in wickedness and debauchery. Then there will be great disorder and they will fight permanently, without reaching any agreement.

Then it will take place the 8th Ecumenical Council and the people will have some peace then they will be again drawn to cunning things, to damnation and they will not know the sacrament of marriage, but they will go to perdition and they will live in debauchery worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and many other evil things will take place. And the greater will be the sins, the more painful will be the misfortunes which will affect them. They will be convinced that the person who does the evil is good and the greedier will be the people the more misfortunes will come into the world. The love for money is an insatiable passion. The greed is the guide to perdition and  the renouncement at the worldly things is the guide to salvation. Are you greedy? You will lose your salvation, because the salvation of man is in danger to be lost because of greed.

This debauchery will bring sadness into the world and happiness will disappear. This will bring discord into the world, in the society. Greed is the throne of antichrist. Greed brought the lie into the world and the people are attracted by lie and unlawfulness, committing injustice. Truth will disappear and the people will find delight in lie. The truth is the incarnated oikonomia of Christ and the preaching of the Evangel. The lie comes from antichrist and his kingdom who aims to bring unhappiness and perdition to the whole world. And although the prophets speak about the coming of the Lord, greed will darken the mind of men for making them careless about their salvation, because of the many worries they will have.

Salvation will work only for those who won’t let themselves be drawn in the work of antichrist. Because the work of antichrist is the worldly worry and the gathering of fortunes. And today the men are focused on gathering fortunes and numerous worries and they were condemned to perdition by abduction, betrayal, lie, greed, pride, callous heart and love for money.

When the world lacks the grace of the Holy Spirit, it will be affected of all misfortunes.  

First the world will lack love, harmony and wisdom. Then every country will be ravaged and its rulers will perish and the Church of Christ will lack bishops, parsons and spiritual confessors.

After this calamity the unclean will be born from the womb of uncleanness and will make signs and miracles by demonic fancies, pretending in front of the world that he is gentle and humble when he is with hardened heart and wild mind. The antichrist will feed himself by stirring the world.

The stirring of the world will be the judgmental tendencies, the unforgiveness, hate, enmity, greed, adultery, debauchery, the loss of faith and the pride. These will feed antichrist and he will be the ruler of the land and of the world. He will control the senses of man and everybody will believe in him, because he will be ruler and emperor and will lead everyone t perdition. And whoever will be on the path to perdition will have the impression that he works for his salvation.

Then the Evangel of the Church will be disregarded, because perdition will bring great unhappiness in the world and there will be made great signs and miracles. It will be a great famine and the men will not appease their hunger anymore, because they will eat seven times more than now and they will still be hungry and everywhere will be great suffering…

Then many of those who were sealed with the seal of antichrist would die on the roads and their heart would be weakened more and being unable to starve they would rush to eat the dead and on his seal would be written: `you are mine, yes, I am willingly yours, not by force` and alas to those who would receive this seal. Then there will be a great commotion in the world and God, seeing their unrest, will order the sea to become hot again as at the beginning and when antichrist sits on his cursed throne, the water will boil like in a pot and the plants and the trees from the earth will dry because of the heat of the sea and the springs will dry out and the animals and birds will die. Then the day will become as the hour, the week as the day, the month as the week, because the cunnings of the man will make everything pass quickly, for ending faster the time announced by God…

Then prophet Elijah and the righteous Enoch will come to preach. That one who will be patient and will not receive the seal of antichrist will be saved and God will take him to heaven. It is enough not to receive the seal and make the sign of the cross because the sign of the cross saves the man of the torments from hell while the seal of the antichrist condemn him to them. And if they are hungry they should not ask for food, but be patient and God seeing their patience will send help from above.

The wretched offsprings of antichrist are debauchery, adultery, crime, abduction, theft, injustice, lie, tyranny, the trade with people…that wicked will be the human nature and they will work their cunning worse than the demons and antichrist seeing that the human nature becomes worse than those of the demons, will rejoice.

The wrath of God comes to punish those who commit misdeeds.

Aboout the coming of antichrist and the men from the end times.

Around the year 1900, the world will become unrecognizable.

When the time of antichrist approaches shamelessness and wickedness will multiply hundredfold. Then the world will be unrecognizable.

The look of people will change and there will be no distinction between men and women because of their indecent clothes and hair.

The men will become wild because of the deceit of the antichrist.

There will be no respect for the parents and for the old people.

Love will be missing and the priests of the Christians will be fond of vainglory, not distinguishing the right path from the wrong one.

Then the customs and the traditions of the Christians and of the Church will change.

The men will not have temperance and thriftlessness will prevail.

The lie and the love of money will reach their climax and all the people will seek to enrich themselves.

Debauchery, adultery, thefts and crimes will be prevailing in those times and because of the sin of shamelessness the people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit which they received at their baptism and of the qualms of their conscience.

The churches of God will be deprived of pious priests and the Christians living in those days in the world will be unfortunate and faithless because they will have no enlightenment. Then they will leave the world going to holy places of refuge to find peace in their troubles and everywhere they will face obstacles and troubles. All these will happen because antichrist will reign over everything and will become the ruler of the world, making false signs and miracles and will give a cunning intelligence to the poor men who will speak with one another from one corner of the earth to the other. Then the men will fly in the air like the birds and they will cross the depths of the sea like the fish.

Doing all these, the poor men will live in comfort not knowing that these are the deceits of the antichrist. And the cunning will make possible such a development of the science that the people will be deluded and they won’t believe in the existence of the Triune God

 (from the book `Evangelical garden`, Holy Monastery Stavrovounios, Cyprus)

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