To the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport

In the attention of Minister Ecaterina Andronescu


Honored Minister,


Lots of Romanians took over the Halloween over the past years, a macabre western celebration that under the guise of fun hides an authentic invocation of demons and of beings of inferno. People disguised in skeletons, hideous representations, witches, phantoms, mummies, vampires, werewolves, monsters, bloody criminals infest the streets and scare one another with all the kinds of corny tricks and jokes. Behind the windows of shops, in parks, companies, places to go out, schools and universities, on the house doors, everywhere you see witches riding their broom, pumpkin lamps, horns and other more or less demonic symbols. Telling stories with phantoms or watching horror movies are also a part of Halloween parties. Often, around this feast, the TV channels broadcast special episodes of movie serials or TV shows (usually for children) and some horror movies are released especially before Halloween in order to take advantage of the festive atmosphere. This is the way that Halloween looks like, a “feast” that declared Satanists consider amongst most important ones.

         The modern “father” of “Satan’s church” himself, Anton Szandor LaVey, used to say that Halloween is one of the biggest feasts in the satanic calendar, next to “Walpurgis Night” or Witches’ Sabbath on the 1st of May.


         Halloween – a school of Satanism for the Romanian children


         The integration in UE and the westernizing of the society makes the authorities from Romania feel obliged (under by no mean disinterested pressures) to perform a real baboonery of the sinister American feast, promoted on all TV channels using all their resources.

         Thus, our National Theater for children opened once its season with the “Jack’s Lamp” show – an enact for children of the story of Halloween pumpkin, a story where the devil is the main character, in reality a guised school of Satanism for Romanian children…

         The “aristocracy” of Bucharest gathered at Palace of Parliament to take part to the Ball for Halloween. The Romanian Internet is full of virtual cards specifically for Halloween as well as weird “festive” offers: manicure according to the festive moment, styled black-orange claws, hats with horns that go alternately on and off, advices for making a coffin in order to look like a “real dead” as authentic as possible for the Halloween party!

         In some kindergartens from the capital are organized “feasts for Halloween” in schools the pupils are taught even by their teachers how to make their costumes and suitable accessories. The disco clubs around the student houses and the pubs are competing one another in organizing “Halloween evening” where the youngsters eager to party go in a large number. In 2002, in Moghioros park from Drumul Taberei neighborhood, the Town Hall organized “The Carnival of horror” and offered rewards to the children who had the most horrifying costume.

         Yet all of these happened while in Russia, the Ministry of Education decided to ban any event in schools connected to “Halloween”. A representative of their ministry, Alexander Gavrilov, declared that the respective decision had been maintained since 2003 and the motivation was related to the fact that the aforementioned feast promoted the cult and personification of death and of evil forces, being contrary to the nature of institutes for education. Gavrilov mentioned also that the Halloween “confuses the mind and affects the spiritual and moral health of pupils”. His conclusions are supported by series of psychiatrists approached on this matter.

         In Romania, the Halloween is celebrated also on this year and all the scholar unities host parties, balls and feasts, etc, actually promote the terror, cruelty, violence, death, in a word Satanism.


         Halloween in schools – a serious contravention of the legal articles.


         However, the Law of National Education contains very clear articles regarding the preserve of national identity and cultural values of Romanian nation and within the educational unities being strictly forbidden the activities that put the morality and physical identity of children and teaching stuff in danger.

         Thus, among the principles that rule the pre-university and university education from Romania is included as well the “principle of assuming, promoting and preserving the national identity and cultural values of Romanian nation”. (article 3, section h).

         Likewise, in article 7 – (1) the law provides that “within the unities, institutions for education and all the spaces for education and training are forbidden the activities that break the norms of morality and any activities that could endanger the physical and psychical health and integrity of children and youngsters, respectively of teaching, assistant and non-teaching stuff.”

         Regarding the behavior of teaching stuff, the law provides in article 273 (section 3) that “the teaching stuff can freely express professional opinions within the spaces for education and they can undertake actions on their own outside this space, if these do not affect the prestige and dignity of the teaching job position, respectively the provision of the present law.” Therewith “the teaching, assistant teaching, as well as the board, guidance and supervision stuffs within the pre-university education are disciplinary in charge for guiltily violation of the responsibilities they carry on according to the individual work contract, as well as for breaking the behavioral norms that harms the interest of the educational system and the prestige of the educational unity/institution according to the law.”(Article 280, section 1)

         Considering all the aforementioned ones, we inquire the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth the urgent ban of the activities that evolve for Halloween, activities that affect on a long term the spiritual and moral health of pupils in Romania.

         Giving the fact that aggressiveness of all kinds, delinquent behavior, premature grow up and concern of our pupils became a common denominator of schools, the intention of Ministry of Education, Research and Youth to organize Halloween feasts within the educational institutions is absurd and irrational, as we find out from an issued instruction to the scholar unities.

         In case this act is approved, we insist to remind you, honored Minister Mrs Ecaterina Andronescu, about the fact that the person who makes this decision on the level of the institution you are in charge for, is guilty of abuse crime in the service against the interests of persons, in the aggravated form provided and sanctioned by the Penal Code in the conditions from Article 246 related to article 2481 Penal Code (for authors as public servants) and from article 258 Penal Code (for other servants) related to 2481 Penal Code – where interests of minors are involved, protected by laws no. 272/2004 and National Education.

         In order to avoid the start of a criminal complaint against the responsible persons, we ask you to immediately proceed in banning all the activities of this kind within the schools from Romania.


         30th October 2012


Signed by


Bucovina Profunda Association Suceava

Marcel Balatchi, lawyer

Mircea Puscasu, medical doctor

Mirela Cazac, psychologist

Constantin Barariu, engineer

Daniela Macovei, teacher

Maria Lucaci, teacher

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