Love and physical relationships before marriage, the anxiety from the soul of a young man in love

He doesn’t want to have sexual relations with this girl before marriage.

A young Christian falls in love with a girl and they begin to see each other often. Because the boy wants to follow the will of God and he doesn’t want to have sexual relations with this girl before marriage, he is decided not to get too close of her. But the cunning spirit gives him the following thought: `If you don’t have complete relations with your girlfriend you won’t show her that you love her. And if you don’t give yourself to her and she to you, you won’t show love to each other.`

Which will have to be the answer and the attitude of the young Christian at the temptation of this bad thought? In this case one of the following two possible choices will happen: the young man will neglect the command of God and will be convinced by the urge of the evil spirit. Meaning that either he will believe that only by having sexual relations they will be able to prove their authentic love before marriage or this young man remaining steady in keeping the command of God doesn’t sin before marriage and doesn’t fall into intercourse with his girlfriend.

But the gradual withdrawal of grace will be substituted by a demonic influence. In the first case the young man will suffer a fall. While in the second he will gain a virtue. In the best situation the person in cause will not lose his health and the joy of his soul which originate in the grace of God, neither the chance to love for real.

Choosing what’s wrong, the young man in love will lose the joy of his soul and he will have only a physical joy. Because he sins, the grace of God he has from the Holy Baptism will decrease within himself without his notice, because of his lack of experience. The withdrawal of grace will be gradually replaced by a demonic influence, because the physical sin will begin to have roots and once the physical sin is committed the devil begins to have certain rights against the man. Thus the inexperienced young man will start to lose even his physical pleasure. But there will take place another thing. Love will be destroyed because the thriving of love depends of the grace of God as well. In this way he will draw his self far away of reaching true love.

This young man will be able to reach true love only after repentance and the consolidation of his relationship with God. This strengthening of his relationship with the divinity takes place by his repentances, by following the commandments of God and by the participation at the hidden life of the Church.


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