Looking at the horizon

`Who am I ?` one day a young man asked a wise starets.

`You are what you think you are.` `You shall understand this after the following short story:

One day, from the walls of the city, on sunset, a group of friends and acquaintances saw at the horizon two people embracing each other.

`They are a father and a mother` a child said happily.

`They are two lovers` a young ruffled man said.

`They are two friends who have met after many years` a loner said for himself.

`They must be two tradesmen who concluded a profitable business, a money lover commented.

`There is a father who is embracing his son returned from the war, a woman said with her eyes brimming with tears.

`They are for sure two lovers` commented a girl who was dreaming about romance.

`Who knows why they are embracing? Thought a man without feelings.

`How nice is to see two people embracing each other` a man of God said.

Each thought reveals to you who you really are, concluded the elder. Examine your thoughts all the time because they may reveal more about yourself than anything else.


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