I am looking for God to tell me when He rewards me for my charity

Once a peasant heart the priest in the church saying that if you give charity you receive hundredfold from God. When he went back home he talked with his wife to give their only ox and receive afterwards from God 100 oxen for this good deed. He did not hesitate to give the ox having complete trust in God.

So he gave the ox and he was waiting for the reward from God. Time passed and the oxen did not come. One morning he decided to climb the mountain nearby to find God and ask Him when He would give him the 100 oxen as he had heard in the sermon of the priest.

Climbing the mountain he met a hermit who asked him :

Where are you going?

I am going to look for God and ask Him when He would give me the 100 oxen for the charity I made

When you find Him, the hermit told him, ask Him a question on my behalf. Tell Him that I have been living for forty years on the mountain and I am living ascetically. Have I gained the Kingdom of heaven?

Of course, said the peasant and continued his way.

A little bit further he met an old man with a white beard who asked him:

Who are you looking for?

I heard in the church that if I make charity I will receive hundredfold from God. Now I am looking for God to tell me when He will reward me for my charity.

Go back to your house and dig under the tree from your yard and there you will find a jar with golden coins. Don`t tell anyone about this only continue to help people and you won`t miss anything in your life.

Thank you, geronda. But I have something more to ask you. While coming up here to find you, a hermit told me to ask you if after forty years of asceticism and spiritual endeavours he finally gained the Kingdom of heaven.

Tell htat hermit that even if he stays forty years more on the mountain he won`t gain the Kingdom of heaven. I have been giving this hermit a rusk every day but today I gave him two knowing you would come, one for him and one for you. But instead of giving you one, ke kept both for himself without having trust in me. You gave your ox believing in what you heard in the church.

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