How and what he gives as gifts

Priest Bogdan Chiorean

There are situations when your desire to make gifts turns into a failed action which doesn`t accomplish the initial aim and even more terribly, it generates contrary reactions.

Many times you can make yourself a clear impression about someone, noticing how and what he gives as gifts.

It is not about the value of the gift, although there are many nuances about this as well.

They say that Rainer Maria Rilke, the poet, was walking once on the streets of Paris, having a rose in his hand. But on his way to his date with a young lady he noticed an old woman who was a beggar without words and gestures. He looked into her eyes and offered her that flower. The old woman stood up and because of her joy she stopped begging on that day.

The gift must validate, must express appreciation, surprise, fulfillment of the being and not to keep place of the worldly things.

Do not give a crutch to a lame or to a blind a stick thinking that you make them a gift.

If you give a bag with food to a poor family before the holy days thinking how much joy the oil, the sugar and the flour would bring you. Christ tells us that `it is more blessed to give than to receive.` But this cannot happen if at least a piece of your heart is not melting in the g

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