Her life was a permanent prostration with an unique sense

Priest Ioan Bădiliţă

For 18 years the crooked woman from the Gospel did not know to speak anything else but the language of suffering. The suffering of not being able to enjoy the fluffy clouds above the head, of a flock of storks hung like a garland on the blue skies, of the stellar chandelier and the plump moon which melts its reflexion on the surface of Ginosar lake…Her life was a permanent prostration with a unique sense. Her visual perspective was mainly telluric. The earth was calling her to it with every step, with every sigh, with every silence.

However she was fond of the synagogue. There she fed her thirst for heaven. The words of Torah were jumping out of the parchment to ease her longing: `Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve’et ha’aretz` – `In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. `

She vibrated every time the vibration of the word `heaven` entered her ear and turned into neurotransmitter. All these until one day when the skies bent to kiss her pain through the voice of a stranger who approached her delicately and touched her arched cervical whispering her the nicest word from her whole life: `Woman you are freed of your weakness.`

But He did not stop there. He, the Lord, the Son of Abraham, placed her near the same bosom of the patriarch: `But this one, being a daughter of Abraham tied by Satan for eighteen years, didn`t she deserve to be freed of this burden on Saturday?` When nobody stood beside her, when not even she could stand, God gave her His hand and lifted her up from dust. He created her for a second time from the rib of the New Adam.

ONly He can straighten, reshape and beautify our whole existential structure.

His Love touches and resurrects, takes down to elevate and dies for living in all the crooked over the ages as you are all sons of Abraham.

Dare to understand that God loves you.

Sursum corda!

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