Can the psychologist lead the man to God?

Priest Savatie  Bastovoi

No, the psychologist can lead a man to the man, but only to the old one. Till a certain point psychology explains, finds certain realities, in the best case.

And it is nice if it finds them properly. A good psychologist may find some realities, but cannot offer solutions, while the holy fathers, besides the fact that they observe the realities, they also offer you solutions. Thus psychology is not that demonic if we do not listen to the solutions it gives. It does not have real solutions, but still offers some and that is its problem. Do you understand? The fact that it cannot give them would end here, but it still offer some.It is useful as long as it observes but when it offers its weird solutions and we take them for granted, we lose our minds and then psychology is of no good anymore. However we should not blame psychology but ourselves, because we accept them. This is the matter about psychology, it is a science about soul.

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