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Continue the good that I did to you!

I’d like to tell you a somewhat different short story, maybe utopian but relevant and with a powerful message. Something we need these days in what’s happening around us. Few years ago a renowned doctor was going with his family to spend some time in a forest, in a camper van. All of a sudden, […]

The bag with holes

Once a monk fell into a sin. Then all the other monks of that skete gathered together and decided to send someone to call abba Moses. But he did not want to come. Then the presbyter of the skete sent a monk to invite him, saying: ”Come, abba, cause people are waiting for you!” Abba […]

You should always be both guilty!

The metropolitan Paul of Sisanio and Siatista What means a divorce? Our inability to love. This is the core reason. All the others are mere justifications. The failure in love. The wrong perception we had about marriage. Marriage is not a bed of roses…Study carefully the Marriage Service (the marriage mystery) for there are found […]

The other eye

His mother had only one eye…He was ashamed with her and sometimes hated her. She worked as a cook at the kitchen of an institute. She made food for the students and professors for earning their living. Her son studied in that place too, but didn’t talk to her, for he didn’t want to be […]

Angels with a wing

One little girl got back home after a short visit at a neighbouring house, where a little girl of eight had just died tragically. ”Why did you go there?” her father asked her. ”I went to comfort her mother”, the little one answered. ”And how could you do it, being so small?” ”I fell in […]

How does trial become joy?

It often happens in our lives to get in the oven of trials and troubles. Either because of us, or because of the unrevealed mystery of God’s kindness Who let them occur out of oikonomia for our spiritual benefit. Saint Isaac the Syrian said: ”Trials are the honor soul receives from the magnificence of God.” […]

The answer of a poor man

One day a rich man was walking down the street when all of a sudden he saw a poor old man who was sitting on the steps of a building. His clothes were dirty, he had no shoes in his feet but he had such a broad smile on his face… He wanted to ask […]

The monk and the woman

A huge but rather wronged theme. Wronged from both sides. A theme that won’t find its solution as long as it is regarded with rivalry. There were monks, even more than we think, who saw the woman in her true dimensions, namely equal to man, even when she lived in sin. There were other monks […]

How will we find inner peace?

”What good wind brings you here ?” the hermit asked the worshipper who insisted to see him. ”I want inner peace”, that man answered pensively. The hermit took a small wooden stick and wrote on the ground: I want inner peace. ”See how easy it is! the hermit said and erased the word I.”First you erase […]

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus: What were the criteria of selection of the representative bishops for the upcoming Council? It is an unheard of situation!

An inquiry to the Holy Synod regarding the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council 10th of March 2016           Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus wrote a letter to the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece regarding the upcoming Pan-Orthodox Council. The main assertions contained in the document were published on the website Agionoros.ru.           His Eminence qualified […]