Are you prepared to give birth to a saint ?

A believer from Russia went to her confessor and told him:

`Father, I want to get your blessing to make a family of my own. Can you give me the blessing? I would like to pray for me and bless me.`

Her confessor was not concerned about the usual concerns of the husbands. He didn`t ask her if she had money or a working place, if she had with whom to make a good marriage. He only told her:

`Are you prepared to give birth to a saint? Can you offer the child you will raise such a climate around him to gain this virtue of holiness? Only if it is so I give you my blessing. Can you inspire holiness to this child? Can you make him holy?`

He told her in other words:

`Can you be holy to inspire to your child this desire for holiness? Then you will have my blessing to go on this path. Otherwise to make a family of your own because the time has come, because the years passed, because all your friends have already made families of their own it`s not a good start. This is not enough. Who wants this must approach this thing seriously, prudently, maturely and with much prayer. How many months is pregnancy? Nine months and then everything is over? These months have passed. We`ve kept the baby so much time in the womb and then gave him birth. And then everything is over for you? No. Yes, you gave birth to your baby, but you haven`t made him holy yet. You feed him but it is not enough to nourish him fully. You gave him a nice bedroom and you offered him all commodities (warm rugs, computer) But the child needs a life of high quality, this meaning to help him know himself. To know the world around him, to know his neighbor among the people, to know God, to know the Truth.

Did you teach your child to love ? Did you teach your child to pray, to kneel down and sacrifice and humble himself? Did you show him by your own example what is the meaning of humbleness? Did your child see you how you give in, how you apologize? How you give up on your right and don`t argue? Did he see you while being small how you endure pain without complaining, without being discontent or angry? Did he see you when you failed in something that you made that failure a reason for approaching God and for humbling yourself? Did he see you recognize a mistake you have done?`

Then your child will know indeed why he lives and where he is going. He will know the aim of his living on earth. He will have indeed wonderful, beautiful parents who without reading any periodicals and magazines, without being concerned only of their child but also of the comforting and assumed way of their own approach to God will help their children. And this is a very blessed and true thing. It`s an education which is transmitted from generation to generation in a silent and imperceptible way. It is not obvious but it takes place and influences the whole world.

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