A monk planted an olive tree

A monk planted an olive tree and started praying :

`God, please send some rain over my tree.`

God sent rain.

The tree was almost dying from so much rain and the monk prayed :

`God, please send sun over my tree.`

God stopped the rain and sent the sun.

The tree grew.

The monk went on praying:

`God, please send a bit of frost for strengthening the roots and branches.`

God sent frost and the tree died.

The monk was very upset. He went to another monk to tell him what happened and share his distress.

`You see, I have an olive tree too, the other monk told him. My tree grew well but I prayed differently. I told God He is the creator of this tree and knows best what it is necessary for it. I only asked God to take care of it and this is what He does.`

This is true for us as well. Many times we ask from God what we think we need. But God knows best what we need.

We ask Him to escape us from certain diseases or dangers but maybe those are useful for our salvation.

Have absolute faith in Kind God and in His care !

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