Some pretexts used by the parents who don’t want to see their children married soon

1.He/she is young.

Somebody will say: But he/she is young. Of course, I know that too. But if Isaac married when he was 40 and he was still virgin and had lived his life in absolute purity, the young people of nowadays should think even more about this, since they have got more grace from God.

But what can I do? You cannot bear to see that someone takes care of their purity and though you see them dishonoring themselves, you pretend you don’t see it and you don’t care. You let them get polluted and become full of all dirtiness and abomination, not knowing that the most important gain in a marriage for the young people is the fact that they keep their bodies pure. If it doesn’t happens so, then marriage doesn’t serve to any good purpose. You do exactly the opposite. When your children get a lot of dirty spots, there is absolutely no use at all in  marrying them.

2.We have to wait till they make their way in life.

Somebody will say: we have to wait until they make their way in life first, until they make a career in politics. You think about this but you don’t care about their souls and though it is already abandoned you pretend you don’t see that.

That’s why everything is full of confusion, of disorder and trouble. The care for the soul has become something so unusual, you pay attention instead to all the vain things. Don’t you know that the best thing you can do for your child is to keep him innocent, to protect  him untouched by fornication?

Saint John the Chrysostom

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