God is not deaf

Prist Ioan Istrati

A 48 years old lady writes to me. She has been trying for three years to find a job according to her level of education. Everywhere she found just shrugging, promises, lies and categorical refuses. The woman finished her last savings. She is ready to work anything just to have what to eat.

I give her as canon to confess and commune and read the Paraklesis of the Theotokos and the Akathist of Saint Mina.

She tells me: `Father, God doesn`t hear me anyway. Either I don`t know how to pray or I have some hard sins.`

I tell her:

`I don`t want to hear you make God deaf. God listens permanently any whisper of the heart, He is the bridegroom of eternal love, He suffers with everyone of us. He only wants to find a drop of humbleness, to take out your ego from the heart so you can let Him come in; and if He enters all the trees of the soul bloom and the heart becomes a heaven.

 The woman listens. She makes the canon. I pray for her too.

Today after three years of searches in vain she found a job at the archives among documents and books and quietness, exactly what she wanted. She thanks me.

I tell her:

`Thank and speak to the Lady of the archives of the soul and with the gatekeeper, Saint Mina.`

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