Yoga: A method of destroying the human personality

Dr. Leon Brangk (Theology)

The word “yoga” is derived etymologically from the Indo-European root “yug” – “Joch” in German, “ζεύγ” in Greek and it means “consorting with”, “annexation”. It means the unification of the individual self with the divine element. According to the way the divine element is perceived, either as one of the endless divinities of Hinduism whose number, according to some approximations reaches 300 millions (!), or in an impersonal manner, there isn’t only one form of yoga, but many. To these can be added those forms of yoga in which the deeds of human beings are especially stressed. Nevertheless, the final purpose of all these forms is the same: the liberation of the individual self of the endless number of reincarnations. In other words “yoga” has an entirely religious content, better said idolatrous, because the Hindu pantheon, as well as the impersonal character of the divine element, clearly rely on the human fantasy and absolutely contradicts the common human mind and the earthly reality we live in. Read more

Reiki – Therapy or Occult Practice?

Eléni Andouláki – University teacher


  1. The notion of therapy

Did you ever think how altered the terms we currently use are? How far words are from their initial content? How “therapy” ended up defining everything but the valid scientific medical action?

Any questionable practice, any absurd and dangerous method is nowadays called “therapy”. Obviously, the researchers of the New Age long ago signaled that “therapy” is at the very center of the New Age vision, whose fundamental dogma is that “we can heal ourselves, the others, humanity and our planet”. New Age adepts like to call themselves “healers”, “illuminati”, “blessed existences”, “workers of light”. “I am one with the light. I am full of light. I am enlightened by light. I am the light of the world”.[1] People going through subjective, deceiving experiences, are practicing multiple pseudo-therapies, proudly proclaiming that they are in synergy “with God, divinity, angels, the Supreme Power, Universe, Energy a.o., for the good of the whole mankind”. People moving quickly with the help of organized networks, to attract multitudes, often acolytes, ignorant victims. Read more