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The monk’s wisdom

Once a ruler renowned for his brilliant mind heard that far away, in a secluded monastery, was living an old monk of a rare wisdom and wanting to see for himself the truth of this rumour, he went to that holy place and asked to see the monk. When the man came, humble and submissive, […]

Does everything slip through your fingers?

My brother, I heard you saying that everything is slipping so easily through your fingers: Time Situations Relationships with the others Your dreams Thoughts Feelings And so many other things… I understand you cause I’ve lived the same thing myself. Do you want me share a secret with you? Three motions…Put your hands afront, stuck […]

A piece of chocolate

This story was sent to us by the mother of a nun and referred to her own family.   During the German occupation we suffered a lot. We saw days when in our house there was nothing else, but water. Then our father took us by the hand and climbing the mountain that rose near […]

Two angels on a ladder

There were two angels on a ladder. One was ascending and descending on it all the time. The other one stood motionless and didn’t do anything. Someone asked him: ”Why the other angel is going upwards and downwards on it without cease and you’re staying without work?” ”Because the other one takes the prayers and […]

The woman I trust

She is addicted to love, since she gets her nourishment from love, she breathes through love. Love is her creed. She startles when she hears words like: life, love, purity, family, longing… Her joys are simple: children, nature, song, animals…She loves light and beauty.. She never dares to laugh out loud, she only smiles. She […]

The silence

Once a young man visited a hermit. He wanted to learn and ask so many things. But he was astounded by the hermit’s silence and by his reluctance to continue a vain talk. Being irritated, the young man asked him rather for trying him: Gheronda what have you learnt from life in so many years […]