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We confounded selfishness with dignity. But one thing is dignity and another one selfishness. Selfishness aims to make us become the center of the world and to enjoy seeing that all the people talk and marvel about us and adore us. I met people who destroyed themselves because of their selfishness. And for not altering […]

Why should I confess? I have no big sin !

Why should I confess? I have no big sin. The ones who committed murders, robberies, other crimes or other kinds of sins, they should be the ones to confess. In the first situation, the man does not believe he would be forgiven because he is aware of his sinfulness, but here is missing any awareness […]

The oasis

From the wisdom of the desert Once a youngster, after arriving at an oasis from the desert of Judea, met  elder Elisha and asked him: ”What kind of people live in this place, gheronda?” ”What kind of people were living in the place you came from, my son?” the starets asked him. ”They were selfish […]

Elder Paisios and the painting

By priest Nectarios Savidis An athonite monk, who went very often to see starets Paisios, has recently related me a happenstance he witnessed himself and that’s very useful for soul. Once a painter visited starets Paisios in his cell. The starets, with his remarkable, educational sense of humour, asked him: “My son, would you be […]

Love – the echo of life

Being on a trip in the mountains a young family stopped at a chalet from the edge of a valley. The youngest boy, angry with his brother, went behind the chalet and cried: I hate you! But immediately a loud voice answered: ”I hate you, I hate you!” Scared the child ran inside and told […]

About fasting

Fasting is a special virtue. It appeases carnal impulses and confers power to the soul for fighting against its intoxication through senses and gives it the remedy for this intoxication. Fasting purifies the mind, withering any sinful thought and brings divine health to thinking, this being proven by holy thoughts. They enlighten the mind and […]

We should get satisfied with a little

Gheronda these times are dominated by economic problems. We all aim to increase somehow our family incomes and when we succeed, we see that’s still not enough. The economic problems will always remain without solution. Archimandrite Epiphanios: We have economic problems because we are insatiable. If we were satisfied with a little, there wouldn’t be […]

The two disciples and love

Once lived a hermit who had two disciples. The old man tried hard to help them progress spiritually and become better people, but he had a deep inner concern, not knowing if they had really made any spiritual progress and if they were prepared for the Kingdom of God. He was waiting for a sign […]

Pure love

Once there lived a believer who was renowned for his austere life. One day standing before the altar, he called God, saying: ”God, I would be ready to do anything, absolutely anything out of my love for You.” ”Try me by any means you like and you will see that I am saying the truth.” […]

I have no sin

A proud and unfaithful man was always bragging that he didn’t need God since his soul was like a white sheet of paper. Therefore he could live his life honorably and nicely without Christ. One day, going on a trip with many other people, reached a very secluded monastery, in the middle of the forest. […]