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From the tradition of the Holy Mountain

An elder said: Today in the Holy Mountain there are many people, roads, modern things that didn’t exist before. In those times there were footpaths and pavement and the monk walked to all the places they wanted to go. Those who had work made by themselves carried it on their backs to Karyes for selling […]

A hermit said…

A hermit said: If you pay everything you owe in this life, then you are saved. If you receive even more, then you get an extra coin. If someone is beaten unjustly, then he gets a higher reward. Thus many times people who live a very good life face the worst of hardships. If God […]

The stonecutter who was not content with his life

There was once a stonecutter who was not content at all with himself and with his life. One day, passing by the house of a rich merchant, looked inside through the open door and was amazed by the wonderful things he saw and by the important guests. “How honorable is this merchant!” he thought with […]

A wonderful happening related by elder Cleopa

Elder Cleopa related us another hidden miracle that took place in the church of Sihastria monastery. In the winter of 1971 I was on duty at the holy altar. I arrived at the curch at 4 o’clock in the morning and I was making my prayers for the Holy Eucharist before the Holy Table. After […]

Your house can be a monastery too, if you want it

Pious Porphyrios Kavsokalivite I’ve been tantalized for a long time by the thought of becoming a monk, for devoting myself completely to God, but I got married and with the children I begot I tied myself and cannot do anything good for God. With these thoughts and some others in my mind I went one […]

The silence after the storm

”Sir, I am very confused by all these talks I hear daily about the existence of God.” ”What is your opinion?” a student asked his teacher. ”Have you ever seen a bee?” he answered. ”Have you ever heard its humming?” ”When it finds the nectar of flowers, sips it with all its power, stopping from […]

It’s me or the others?

A journalist relates an incident happening to one of his friends who accompanied him  to the newspaper kiosk. His friend greeted the newsagent politely, but that one had an impolite and tough attitude. His friend bought the newspaper he wanted, wished him a ”Happy weekend!” and left. When the two friends were at a distance, […]

I love you!

A student was sitting in the coffee shop from the campus and was studying when he saw two old people approaching and taking seats at a close table. One of them started to speak about his wife. When he finished, he asked the other to tell him about his wife. Read the answer as related […]

How can I find Christ?

A child asked his mother: ”Mother, I want to meet Christ and I don’t know where I can find Him.” His mother, surprised, told him: ”My son, I don’t know.” ”Go and ask your father.” The child went to his father and asked him: ”Father, tell me please, where can I find Christ?” His father, […]

How does love become light?

Once, there was a downcast shepherd who had a flock on a mountain. His hut was near a sycamore. In winter it was struck by snow and in summer it was burnt by sun. The sycamore and the clear brook cooled him. He was tending his sheep all day long. In the evening he read […]