1. What does the text we investigate say?

The study of today will be focused on the analysis of some texts from the Bible that are wrongly interpreted by heretics who use them in an irrational and unacceptable way to support their wrong teaching according to which there is no difference between the human soul and the animal soul and thus the human being is an animal which disappears along with death.

Let’s start with a text that is in a special way valued by everyone who feel this deception about the death of the human soul, including, of course, Jehovah’s witnesses. Read more

Yoga: A method of destroying the human personality

Dr. Leon Brangk (Theology)

The word “yoga” is derived etymologically from the Indo-European root “yug” – “Joch” in German, “ζεύγ” in Greek and it means “consorting with”, “annexation”. It means the unification of the individual self with the divine element. According to the way the divine element is perceived, either as one of the endless divinities of Hinduism whose number, according to some approximations reaches 300 millions (!), or in an impersonal manner, there isn’t only one form of yoga, but many. To these can be added those forms of yoga in which the deeds of human beings are especially stressed. Nevertheless, the final purpose of all these forms is the same: the liberation of the individual self of the endless number of reincarnations. In other words “yoga” has an entirely religious content, better said idolatrous, because the Hindu pantheon, as well as the impersonal character of the divine element, clearly rely on the human fantasy and absolutely contradicts the common human mind and the earthly reality we live in. Read more